People We Work With

Kate Delaney

Emmy-award winning journalist, speaker and author. She’s interviewed more than 16,000 people, including U.S. presidents, top CEOs and Hall of Fame athletes.


Kate has served as a keynote speaker and consultant for companies such as: Deloitte, Stanley Oil and Gas, Forbes, UPS, Fox, AT&T, Cisco, and Exxon/Mobil, Kraft, Macy’s and many more. She also gave a TED style talk at the Forbes Insider’s Summit. Her keynotes and deeper dive workshops have been described as inspirational, engaging, funny and filled with implementable content.


It took 500 rejections but she shattered the glass ceiling and became one the first women to host a solo syndicated sports talk show. Kate has hosted shows on the NBC Sports Radio Network, WFAN in New York City and KRLD in Dallas, Texas. Currently, The Kate Delaney show is nationally syndicated and is heard by more than three million people. As the SVP of Sales and COO of a broadcast network she closed deals in the millions. At KRLD she snagged the radio rights for the Texas Rangers Radio Broadcast for Twenty-five million dollars.


She’s the author of three popular books, Level the Playing Field (2011) and Invade the Man Cave (2016). Her latest business book published by Forbes, Deal Your Own Destiny, Increase Your Odds, Win Big and Become Extraordinary is receiving rave reviews


Kate is the Past President of the National Speakers Association in Dallas Texas. She is most proud of the work she’s done with Children International since 2005. Helping several families in Ecuador and around the World. Fun and final fact: Kate’s an avid golfer, she’s had 7 hole-in-ones, too bad they were all in a clown’s mouth for a free mini golf game.

Garrison Wynn, CSP

With talents that established him as a Fortune 500 leader and professional stand-up comedian, Garrison Wynn, CSP, fuses comic timing and research to deliver motivational business expertise. For 20 years, he has given keynote presentations to clients (such as American Express, Wells Fargo, Oracle, and NASA) at corporate and association events.


He is the author of the Amazon bestseller The Real Truth about Success, the Amazon #1 bestseller The Cowbell Principle, has been a weekly contributor to the Washington Post and featured Forbes and Inc. Magazines.  In his teens he debuted the world’s first video gaming system (Odyssey) with baseball legend Hank Aaron and as a young man spent 6 years touring comedy clubs with the top names in the business. He went on to become the youngest department head in a Fortune 500 company’s history where he researched and designed processes for 38 company locations nationwide and developed & marketed products still being sold in 30 countries.

Steve Rizzo

Whether you need to motivate your sales & service team, improve employee morale, instill strong leadership skills, deal with stress, or embrace change- then Steve Rizzo’s “Common Sense Success Strategies” will take your audience to the next level. As one of his clients said, “Never has my group learned so much and laughed so hard in one sitting!”


Once upon a time, Steve Rizzo was told by a guidance counselor that he didn’t have the intelligence for college. A few years later he was saddled with the dubious high school honor of being voted “Least Likely to Succeed.”

Steve went on to surprise everyone, including himself, by excelling with honors at the university and postgraduate levels. Eventually, Steve even taught English at his old high school and was a counselor for students with behavioral problems, proving once and for all that guidance counselors are not fortune-tellers.


Steve would go on to stellar success as a national headline comedian, and starred in his very own Showtime comedy special, earning him honors as a Showtime Comedy All-Star.

But the surprises didn’t stop there.


At the pinnacle his stand-up career, Steve walked away from comedy to pursue his true purpose and passion—to show people how to shift their focus and way of thinking, to discover more joy and enthusiasm, increased productivity and greater levels of success.


Steve offers more than the usual nuts and bolts on how to succeed. He stresses the importance of enjoying yourself during the process of achieving your goals and building a solid foundation to stand on when all else fails because he absolutely knows that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, attitude is everything.


When Steve Rizzo shares his blueprint for success with Fortune 500 companies and associations across the globe, he delivers a powerful message for living an extraordinary life, because he lives the “Common Sense Success Strategies” that has made him a member of prestigious Speakers Hall of Fame—an honor bestowed on fewer than 300 speakers worldwide since 1977.


Steve is the author of the bestselling books Motivate THIS! and Get Your SHIFT Together. He is also a regular contributor for SUCCESS magazine and often called upon as the “go-to” guy on the topic of personal and professional development for many network, cable and radio media outlets.

Brian Carter

Brian Carter is the #1 bestselling author of The Like Economy, LinkedIn for Business, Facebook Marketing, and The Cowbell Principle. Brian is respected as an international authority on how organizations of all sizes can create and retain business using the Internet. His 18 years of business success guide The Brian Carter Group, a digital and social marketing agency with world-class expertise and experience. Since 1999, Brian has been at the forefront of marketing, technology, social media and sales, working to drive big business results for real companies.


As a speaker, Brian delivers a rare combination of motivation, original comedy and practical takeaways based in current, 2019, real-world experience that electrifies audiences and inspires people with the belief and the knowledge of exactly what they can do the next day to improve their results. A highly-rated presenter with rave reviews and an experienced marketer respected by his peers, Brian has keynoted and developed marketing programs and strategies for leaders and companies all the way up to top 50 Fortune 500 like NBC and Microsoft as well as associations, franchises, and retail stores. IBM hand-picked him to be one of their influencers and LinkedIn called him, “One of the top experts you need to listen to.” Not only that- Brian has both stand-up comedy and improv comedy experience and has been reliably entertaining keynote audiences for years. This ain’t his first rodeo, folks!


Brian is regularly sourced by major media including Bloomberg TV, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few. Brian has more than 250,000 fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He’s taught more than 50,000 students and reaches over 3 million people per year. Brian’s hands-on business experience, cutting edge insights, and background in improv and stand up comedy culminate in a keynote speaker and trainer who leaves every audience not just entertained but armed with powerful strategies and tactics.

Wade Younger

As a conference speaker and an author of over 40 books, Wade has challenged and taught over different 1,800 audiences to transform potential into peak performance on subjects such as innovation, change, leadership and workplace morale.

Wade Younger is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on organizational development and has made organizational wellness his life’s work. He has been teaching, lecturing, and consulting since 1990, and is known for his approaches to difficult leadership issues.


Wade believes one must have visions of a healthy; high-performance organization is embodied in the Company-Within-an-Organization archetype. Wade says, “Every department; indeed, every small group, should view itself as an entrepreneurial business because clearly, when everyone is focused on producing their products and services, they will view peers as customers and suppliers and the impact of this archetype will be profound”.


He is an accredited project and program manager with experience developing solutions and managing implementation, methodologies, execution requirements enterprise deployment plans, project strategies and quality assurance. He has led projects involving web-site design solutions for several Fortune 500 companies.