This is how we will help you

Many management companies work with proven speaking coaches. We are those coaches! Throughout the years we have worked with Professional Sports MVPs, TV Celebrities and Corporate Icons as well as people who seemingly came from nowhere to earn six and seven-figure speaking careers.

Coaching services include video composing/presentation/editing, presentation-organization, platform skill adjustments, PowerPoint improvement, story-telling, comedy writing, and content development. We have testimonials from speakers, bureaus and clients for our exemplary service. Our mantra is, “Everybody matters or nobody matters.” We have built repeatable processes to handle the most demanding customer.

  • Speakers bureaus are the foundation of our industry. With an ever-growing population of speakers, the bureaus constantly raise the bar on who they promote to their clients. We will guide you to building relationships between bureaus, meeting planners, and organizations / associations. There’s a fine line between what you think is important in your career and what the bureaus can use to market you. This will include new marketing materials, videos, topic descriptions, books and trade successes, etc. Our approach is based on nearly 25 years of success with the bureaus. With our help, you will gain VIP access to various bureau websites always increasing speaker visibility.
  • Our industry is led by the very best video. We can connect you to the rest of the world through our social media efforts and search engines but the materials we are working with must be professional grade. If this seems a daunting task, it is and we can help.

  • We pride ourselves on creating the best materials possible. This includes One-pages, Fee Schedules, Testimonials, Clients Lists and Client-focused Emails. This area of development is constantly overlooked and underappreciated by speakers. We will show you how this could be a log-jam in your success!
  • Through our retention program we will provide the speaker with ongoing consultation on all items related to his/her speaking business. Examples of these items would be advice on speaking techniques, speaker website, videos, bio, photos, topics, etc.
  • Your website should always meet your offering. Most of the time this our first area of examination because it’s the first place the world will judge your body of work. We will provide direction in maintaining and updating your website and eSpeakers page.
  • We have extensive knowledge in taking your next book to market including utilizing our book agents, marketing publications, managing book sales, promotional signings and distribution. Additionally, we will help with all forms of merchandising.

With 20 years of experience working with nationally recognized speakers, Jeff has a proven record of helping people grow their business while they’re on the go. He recognizes that speakers, while great at what they do, need help getting everything done and maintaining the hectic schedule associated with this industry. Jeff has created repeatable processes to dramatically increase sales, create highly effective marketing tools, and build rock-solid relationships with bureaus and clients.

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